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Our Team



Dr. Rita Girondi Dr. Rita Girondi

Doc Rita loves learning! Everything she does reflects this passion from the seminars she presents, to meetings and consulting sessions, to the Training Masters products. All she ever wanted to be was a teacher. In her childhood days, she played school with her stuffed animals, dolls, and Golden Books. How ironic that on her first day of school way back when, she decided to walk out and go home. She didn’t like it!Rita began her teaching career with 7th and 8th graders. She credits a lot of the teaching skills and convictions about learning to Mr. Spickler, her mentor during her first year. It was his last year before retirement! Her love of teaching kids transferred to her love of teaching teachers as she transitioned from public schools to postsecondary career schools.Her career both as an educational leader and business woman began in 1981 at Thompson Institute in Harrisburg, PA where she held several positions including school director. After earning her doctorate in 1992, she became the VP of Education and Placement for National Education Corporation in Irvine, CA where she guided those functions in 54 schools in 22 states. Five years later, she returned to PA as the owner of the Thompson Institutes in Harrisburg and Philadelphia opening a third campus in Chambersburg. Through this leadership role, she was blessed with employees whose belief in the mission of the schools made them soar! Rita learned that leadership success involves molding the vision, implementing consistent processes, expecting no more of others than of yourself, creating an environment where people want to be, promoting the big picture, and wrapping your arms around your people.Doc Rita travels the country giving presentations and in-service seminars on a variety of topics. She earned her degrees and certifications from Penn State, the University of Pennsylvania, and Temple University. She loves speaking, meeting people, cooking, playing the piano, tap dancing, writing, using KlickerZ, wearing her pink sequins Queen crown, and sharing time with family and friends. Someday she wants to write the lead song for a major motion picture, publish a book and take award-winning photographs.

Paul Rutledge Paul Rutledge

A serious chocoholic, trekker, and Clancy fan, Paul Rutledge’s idea of the perfect vacation incudes the beach, good books, and some refreshing beverages. One thing he would love to do is jump out of a perfectly good airplane…..hopefully with a working parachute!As a youngster, Paul loved running the neighborhood and playing street hockey. In those young days, he learned some additional important life lessons like you’re either part of the solution or part of the problem, so he always tries to be part of the solution. When asked how it’s going, he always says, “peachy”!Paul started working as a paperboy while in middle school. As he looks back, he was always selling something. In high school, he broke all records in the Grapefruit Drive! He stood outside of restaurants on Mother’s Day selling chocolate bars. Maybe that explains his addiction to cocoa bean products. Did he eat more than he sold?Paul has been in sales and marketing for over 22 years beginning as a sales engineer with TYCO Electronics where he concentrated in the military and aerospace industry. His background as a technology innovator is highlighted by his listing in two patent awards. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

At Training Masters, Paul focuses on business development and carries the dignified title, “KlickerZ King.” He has strong insight into creating effective learning environments where student success the primary focus. He enjoys presenting workshops on technology in the classroom. He is always ready and willing to support our clients and is committed to their success.

Christopher Hager Christopher Hager

Chris has over 25 years of experience in the education field. He began his teaching career in 1984 at Thompson Institute, which later became Kaplan, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, teaching day and evening courses in the Computer Programming and Business Administration/Accounting departments.

These courses included programming courses in seven computer programming languages, nine different accounting courses, and courses in marketing and management. Chris also taught general education courses in the English and math fields.

During this time, Chris also served in the following positions: Night School Supervisor, Business Department Lead Instructor, Business Department Head, Dormitory Operations Manager, and Director
of Education for one year at another school operated by the same parent company.

Chris became associated with Training Masters when he helped write the prototype program for KlickerZ, a motivation education tool offered by Training Masters. He came on board as a company trainer in 2010, and he looks forward to bringing his years of experience in the field of education to Training Masters and its clients by training school personnel in the use of STARS.

Robert "Bob" Amell Bob Amell

There is a famous award that was created in 1996 in honor of Bob. It’s the “Call Bob Award” which he deservingly received as Sr. Vice President of Thompson Learning Corporation, a reputable group of career schools that looked to Bob for almost everything during his 20 years there. His gentle spirit, IT genius, understanding of career school operations, and willingness to assist with anything that needs done has carried over to his admired leadership role with Training Masters.STARS® is one of Bob’s success stories. Because of his experience as an instructor, department chair, education director and corporate manager, he is often heard helping campus personnel with best practices and management tips as he guides them through the effective use of STARS. As our tech master, Bob guides all TM software and product development ensuring that we are ranked high!With his roots in Staten Island, NY, Bob spouts a pretty authentic NY accent from time to time, especially when he needs his point to take over the discussion! Before starting his professional career, Bob was a pizza cook, and he is an amazing cook today! His cheesecakes are the best!  He loves contemporary Christian music and the 80’s tunes. He can put out a pretty rocking tune as he plays bass guitar with his church group. He is also very active with the church youth group and “Little Lambs Nursery School.”

Bob’s love of computers started as a young employee at Radio Shack and skyrocketed through college! He is a highly respected information technology expert. He has everyone at Training Masters on the cloud and over the moon with up-to-date technology. Bob loves helping everyone succeed!

Fred Girondi

Dr. Fred Girondi is Training Masters premier researcher and content developer! Clients who have downloaded his templates for various KlickerZ classroom activities rave about them! They’re easy to use and save teachers a lot of time creating a variety of classroom presentations, quizzes and games. The TM team has nicknamed him “Pablo” in honor of his Picasso-like artistry with the KlickerZ programs.Fred is also the lead creator of “Pursuing Instructional Excellence” (PIE), a faculty development program offered in disk format or online as well as the “Campus and Community Programs,” used primarily by career colleges and schools for their high school recruitment presentations.Doc Fred’s teaching experience has been rated top-shelf by his former students, their parents, his peers and school district officials. He enjoyed many years teaching high school chemistry and developed an innovative cooperative learning curriculum that the students loved! Imagine that! Students loving chemistry!! Yes, the teacher makes all the difference in the world and he did!After retiring from public schools, he joined Thompson Learning Corporation as the VP of Education bringing his teaching expertise and curriculum skills to the career schools. Now as a partner and VP of Educational Development for Training Masters, his expertise again is reaching students and teachers in both K -12 and postsecondary education institutions.

Trying to enjoy some relaxation time, Fred just can’t retire completely! The TM team won’t allow it! Accompanying him during office time is his furry little four-legged friend, Brandy! She is the office mascot and keeps everyone on the ball! Literally!

Doc Fred earned his degrees at Shippensburg University and Ohio State University.

Bob Costello

Bob got his career start producing sales, training, and corporate communications videos for a large multi-national electronics manufacturer. This experience taught him how to successfully create effective communications vehicles that satisfied customer requirements through the proper utilization of information, time, and resources.
He also gained comprehensive customer service experience as a store manager for the big box retailer Toys-R-Us. Most recently as an entrepreneur, Bob owned his own business that provided third party fulfillment services for small to mid-size retailers selling through direct mail and web site channels.
Bob brings his varied experience to Training Masters where he provides IT client support working on the STARS help desk and providing other customer service support where required.
Bob is a native of Pennsylvania who obtained his bachelor’s degree from Temple University. He is the proud father of three wonderful children. His interests include classic films, classic cars, political and military history, and learning new things.


Our History

The Training Masters team has a combined history of over 300 years’ experience in teaching, technology, business ownership, corporate leadership, school management, sales, and personnel training.  The company was founded in 2001 by individuals recognized as top educators, technology leaders and successful business entrepreneurs.  In its early years, Training Masters focused on the career school sector of higher education with products and services that have attracted over 300 clients throughout the United States, in Spain and in Canada.  In addition to the post-secondary career colleges, clients include K-12 schools, colleges and a wide variety of businesses.  Having successfully managed and owned career schools and businesses in Pennsylvania over the past 30 years, the Training Masters team has blended a respected reputation and admired expertise to develop products and services that reach a vast audience. With a focus on learning, technology, people power and solid business performance, Training Masters takes great pride in its history and its growth.